Sofa Table…..Done…. Nearly

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    Jaime Clifton

    Just got the lower shelf to go on.
    Took a while but I’m happy with how it’s turned out as it’s my first proper woodworking project, aside fro the PS bench.
    A large part to do with how well it’s turned out is really to do with Paul’s videos: no other online source seems to be able to match his skill at teaching.

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    Derek Long


    Looks fantastic, Jaime! Great job for being a first project.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Frank Joseph


    That is Spot On as our British members say it’s a good looking table showing good craft. And a testament to Paul’s teaching skill.

    In South Jersey the good part of New Jersey, USA.



    Awesome work, really! You must be very proud of having built this yourself!

    John Meaney


    I wouldn’t worry about how long it took, it’s a very professional piece and well done Jaime. Yep, PS has an amazing way of teaching alright.

    Anything I make will be better next time.

    Matt McGrane


    Well done Jaime. Cherry wood? Looks fantastic!!

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:

    Peter George


    That looks awesome! I really like the grain in the top.

    Peter in
    Biggar SK
    "New York is big, but this is Biggar"



    That is a very nice looking table there..Thinking that might be my next project….you did good!

    Jaime Clifton


    Thanks for kind words, it’s appreciated.
    In answer to Matt: it’s oak. The finish may be the confusion. I applied two coats of BLO, four coats of #2 blonde shellac and then Briwax’ed it. Rather time consuming….

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