Stanley S5 Plane

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    Jeff Stuart

    What is the consensus on the Stanley S5? I read up on them in general, and it seems like a beefed up Bailey pattern plane, so what’s not to love?

    I also picked one up on EBay, so maybe it’s a little late to ask, but I’d still like to know if they have any chronic problems.


    Larry Geib

    No problems that I’m aware of. The “S” stands for steel.

    Stanley marketed them as unbreakable, either for trade school or shops with concrete floors. I think they were made in #4 and #5 sizes only.

    They do weigh a bit more than the regular #5, but it’s the steel that makes them stronger. Fans of heavier planes liked them as the heaviest 2” wide iron plane .

    The other plane that was used for trade schools was the #5 1/4, which was cast iron but had a heavier casting and weighed just about the same as an S5. The 5 1/4 had a 1 3/4” iron.

    The #605 bedrock weighed about 3/4 lb more.

    The next step up in heft was the #5 1/2, which weighed three pounds more and had a wider iron.

    Jeff Stuart

    Thank you Larry. I don’t know enough to dislike weight, so all is good. I have ceramic tile in the shop floor, so it should be a fair fight….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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