Veritas Plough Plane short bars

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    Antonio Santos

    Hi guys.
    I have a Veritas plough plane, and for me it is one of those tools that I use very little, but that is very useful when needed.
    Today was one of those days, when I needed to groove about 48mm from the edge of a board.
    I was very surprised when I noticed that this plough plane only allows me to groove up to about 42mm from the edge…
    I had never noticed this detail, because I never had to groove so far from the edge, but it is frustrating to pay such a high price for this plane and then not be able to do things that an old stanley or record can do…
    Of course, I noticed (also just now) that these stanley or record allow you to groove very far from the edge, because they have much longer fence bars ( I don’t know tge technical name) than the veritas.
    It’s a shame this veritas one has these short bars, because it’s a very nice and pleasant plane to use.
    Have you noticed this before?
    I am seriously thinking of selling this plane and buying an older stanley or record.
    Is there any way around this problem?
    Will I have to do it another way, with the chisel/hammer and router plane?


    Alan Green

    Veritas makes a 6″ set of fence bars that should fit the plough plane also. Lee Valley sells them.
    Alan Green

    Colin Scowen

    I am not familiar with the veritas plane, but is it not possible to clamp a straight edge to the workpiece and register the side of the plane directly on the straight edge?

    Colin, Czech Rep.


    “Veritas makes a 6″ set of fence bars that should fit the plough plane also.”

    I asked Lee Valley about this and they replied that they would not advise it. They said,

    “Technically, the 6” fence rods are compatible with the small plow plane fence. In practice however, the rods on the small plow plane fence are fixed in place with a permanent adhesive that locks them in place. This is partly to ensure that the body, fence and rods work smoothly with each other. Trying to remove the original rods could damage the fence and make it unusable.”

    That doesn’t mean it is impossible, and maybe they are being overly cautious, but that was their reply.

    Antonio Santos

    Thanks for the input, Ed.
    I managed to get around the issue and changed my design to be able to groove about 40mm from the edge.
    I used the plough plane with the rod bars right at the limit, with the fence at its maximum range.
    However, I still don’t understand why the rod bars are short compared to a stanley or record.
    It’s a shame, in a product of extreme quality.
    I’m still thinking of selling mine, because of this situation.


    Mine measures out as 5/16″ dia. rod. I’ve wondered about just getting some longer rod and making a whole new fence with it, putting the original one aside. You would need to think about how you align the fence, but it seems an entirely reasonable project.

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    Antonio Santos

    Yes, it may be doable, but no tweaking should be necessary…

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