1. Paul,

    Fantastic bookcase. You have a tremendous respect for pine that makes me now realize that fine furniture may be made out of it. Your entire series on the bookcase reminds me of a young child awaiting Christmas morning with great expectations of giving someone he/she loves a gift. Thank you for the gift.

  2. Thank You Paul for another great video and series. I look forward to build a couple of these myself. You showed us a few tricks and gave some some good tips, looking forward to see what is next.


  3. Love the finished bookshelf, and I adore the satin green finish, will You be making a video on paint finishes maybe? The shellac video was great and it showed few techniques I was not aware of, thanks for that.

  4. Wonderful project! I really like the idea of the removable dividers on the shelves that when installed, look as if they are permanent, not adaptable to future needs as these are. Well done!

  5. Hi Paul,

    Your approach to the hand work shows you extensive experience. I always learn a lot from all your videos and appreciate when you repeat discussion on details you have taught before. There is usually some detail I just did not quite understand that becomes more clear. Thanks again.

    Did you use a shellac sealer prior to painting to seal the knots, or was you paint a colored shellac?

  6. I’ve not watched all the video’s on this project yet but am interested in making a couple of shelved units with drawers in the bottom to go in my shed, one for storing tools and the other for ring binders, literature etc. I think with this project and the tool chest project I should have all the information I need to complete the units. The only thing I am uncertain of is that I would really like to add some doors to keep dust out etc. Would the sides of these cabinets be able to take a raised panel door or would I be safer to make a frame for the doors to hinge off?
    Sorry for going slightly off topic.
    I’m really enjoying the projects and learning so much.
    Kind regards

  7. Paul, I think you mention that the temporary shelves and partitions are added with “spring clip binders”. I did not understand what you meant. They look good, though and I would like to add them to mine when I get round to building it.

    Can you explain please?

    thank you

    John B

  8. I’ve received a request for two of these. In the intro Paulbl mentions purchasing the pine from big box stores. Here in the US that means 3/4” thickness. Sorry for the simple question but that will work out ok?
    Thank you. Looks as though I have a Home Depot run on my schedule.

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