1. hello Paul – fetching hat 🙂 – has anyone noticed the video stopping at 8m51s? It might be my internet connection on the boat (I’ve tethered my phone to my mac so I have a portable internet connection) which is causing the problem, but I’m not sure. What happens is that the video plays and then suddenly goes back to the beginning (without collecting £200 🙂 ) and starts again.

    I am keen to see what happens next 🙂

  2. Great job Paul. I don’t think most people know how difficult the camera work, planning and editing is to get a great quality video like that, so thank you Joseph as well. Well done and thanks for a great Christmas idea I’m going to make for a little 4 year old buddy of mine.

    1. Hey Rodney. There is an upcoming project building a rocking chair. I believe it will follow the next series of building various dovetail boxes. A lot of people including myself need to get the basic techniques down first, and said so in kind of an informal poll on a forum thread which resulted in the rocking chair project being pushed back. Patience my friend. Best.

      1. To Jeffrey, Joseph and others I hope I didnt get anyone mad. It was not my intention. I think this is going to be a great on-line forum. I love everyone being able to ask questions and getting responses from others. I’m here to learn, share and make friends and projects.

        Merry Christmas

        1. Not a problem Rodney, I wasn’t angry either. I just figured you hadn’t seen the rocking chair forum. I’ve seen all of his DVD’s, and he progresses thru the projects in a way that teaches the techniques in a logical order. Some projects seem simple, but I always learn something new. Then the Intro to the next one will make you think there’s no way you could build it. But then he shows you the technique, and it’s not all that hard. Best & Merry Christmas back at ya.

  3. This is a simple and fun project that follows up and reinforces the lessons learned in the clock project, i.e. housing dadoes. Also this is a good project to get the young ones involved with. I hope everyone enjoys this one….I know I will. Thanks again to Paul and Joseph for all their hard work.

  4. This is a great little project which I have been wanting to make with my 6 year old Grandson. I like simple and useful projects since I am progressing into Hand Tools from power tools. Also I am trying to teach my Grandson this is a welcomed project as was the clock.

    Thank You very much and am looking forward to the build alongs. Merry Christmas !


  5. I have to stop watching your videos because I don’t have enough time to make them all…. 🙂 However my wife saw this one and now I have to make two of them… Christmas is coming and now she knows what to get her mother…. Thanks guys… I’m off to the store to buy more wood…

  6. Paul,
    You chisel is sufficiently long to allow you to work from both ends to the middle. When you have a dado longer than your chisel, then do you shift to a bevel side down to clean out the middle of the dado?

  7. hi paul I was wondering if you could possibly make a video showing tips on how to saw straight as an apprentice recovering from shoulder injury my sawing is not backup to its 100% standards yet and I was wondering if you could give me any tips on ways to stand or anything thank you great video as always hanks

  8. I really like this project. I learn something from Paul every time I watch no matter how simple the project and it’s hard to think of anything more useful than a tote. Perhaps I’ll make one with a lid as my final resting place. Wouldn’t that be appropriate for an old carpenter.
    I would suggest to everyone building one of these that you be sure to sign it and mark the date and location of manufacture on it somewhere. You will be amazed how long these last and when it changes hands this will become valuable information.

  9. Would you recommend using the shooting board for truing up the ends (maybe for a novice with hand tools like myself)? Or is it a better practice to not rely on such devices and trust the knife lines?

    I also wanted to thank you for making these videos. They have been the most useful resource I have found to help get me back into woodworking with hand tools (while enjoying it). Not only with what you say and show us intentionally and scripted… but, I learn something new every time I watch your hands work the wood. Just the subtle ways (and different ways) you use the tool and approach the wood. It has truly helped me grasp a lot of the mechanics I was missing and correct a lot of the bad habits I have earned over the years. I’ll watch the same video a few times and each time I feel closer to the process once I get into my workshop. Thank you!!! Merry Christmas!

  10. Wonderful project. Master the simple to later master the complex. Solid teaching principle. I’ve enjoyed watching and learning from this video time and again. It’s important to note that Paul is also teaching process. Slow down and appreciate the doing of a thing. Thanks, Paul!

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