1. THANKS!
    I should have learned these methods before building a workbench.

    Anyone inspecting the tenons in the legs of my bench would be aghast. It’s a real good thing they are buried far out of sight. But, on the other hand, it’s still standing and very sturdy.

    1. Chiming in… the tenons on my workbench make me want to build another one. It will last me a lifetime, however, so I will have to find other places to redeem myself 🙂 I guess I’ll look for some more practice before starting on this project. This video showed what it’s about, it is as much patience and sensitivity as it is about being accurate. At least, that’s the learning I took from it.

  2. Paul thanks for another excellent video, I only hope my mortice and tenon’s turn out that well. I have my mortice’s done for my bench but have not done the tenons yet for the stretchers. You make it look so easy and can’t wait to give it a go.


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