1. Great job Paul, it really is a pleasure to watch you work apart from the lessons we receive.
    I have a daily ritual first I read my e-mails and other business that needs to be taken care of, then I watch your video’s, even ones I have seen before as there is always something to learn. Even at 76 years old I feel that if there is a day we fail to learn something, it’s a day lost.

  2. Lovely episode Paul. The new music is very soothing.

    There is a great poetry in the way everything come together. I feel like your video teaching has matured to something very natural. Congratulations to the director and the whole technical team.

  3. I appreciate that this is done for the purpose of filming continuity, but it would be nice to see Paul in a different shirt for the next project. Perhaps the 17th Century New England look complete with floppy hat ? 8-). Aside from that trivial observation this series provides a really good insight into the more advanced aspects of table making.

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