1. One could cobble together the same with a hammer and nails in much less time and still have a serviceable tool carrier.
    Learn from Paul, build your craftsmanship, use what you make and leave behind an heirloom.

  2. There’s something bothering me about the shoulder lines of the divider. Paul says at some point that the oak rail and the pine divider are the same length, but their shoulder lines are not, because the divider is sunk into shallow dadoes. Getting the first end shoulder line is easy enough, but how do you get the second end shoulder line? Paul used measurements, something that OFTEN creates problems. What if your dadoes are not EXACTLY 1/8″ deep? You’ve got to determine the second end shoulder line from the partially assembled project. Any ideas on how to do that without using measurements?

    1. Paul shows how he uses two thin strips of wood to size the bottom of the box. This technique transfers the dimension so you don’t need to measure. You could use the same technique to transfer the divider length from dadoe to dadoe.

      I don’t know the proper term, but Veritas calls it a bar gauge and they offer a kit that you can build by adding your own wood strips.

      1. This I like better than measuring, but it could still be subject to small errors in the transfer. I’ve used this technique for getting the length of stretchers between legs of a stick chair and also for sizing a bottom that fits into a groove.

        I suppose if you’re a tiny bit too short, the shoulder wouldn’t seat at the bottom of the dado, but nobody would ever know. But if you’re a tiny bit too long (shoulder to shoulder), the oak piece above the divider will show a gap. Would love to hear from Paul about this.

  3. this is the first time i have scrolled down this far to see the comment box. I love watching him work , my problem is trying to remember what he is showing when i go out in the garage to start on one of his projects i am getting old i guess, but i will keep plugging along, this is the most facinating thing i have ever seen i am looking at all my furniture and i have come to the conclusion it is built cheap! pauls stuff is built like a tank. LOVE WHAT YOU ALL HAVE TO OFFER== THANK YOU!!

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