1. I would also like to share my appreciation for this video. It is a very nice surprise. I give a big thanks to Paul for being so open with his knowledge on hand tools and how to use them. Also I would like to thank those who support and work with Paul to make it all happen.

  2. Just joint your site , I must say it is very very well laid out well done.
    I have been watching on you tube for a little while. Nice to see a brit for a change.
    Loved the little block of wood trick to copy dovetails .
    At the moment I am beefing up my work bench bought online.
    Wish I had made one from scratch. The vise that came with bench was useless . So now I’m putting my old quick release and an other worm vise on, as well as beefing up top. i do not get a load of time so keeping these projects in mind. would have loved to have a go at the clock project I guess I’ too late for that.
    Thanks Mark A

      1. I can’t seem to find any chisels with red handles by Robert Sorby…
        The reason I asked was because I need some cheap thin-edged chisels suited for dovtailing (I’m fed up with the common thick-edge bevel firmers). Robert Sorby’s are expensive chisels. Could you recommend any cheaper ones (around 15 euros each)?

        1. Lots of threads on chisels bud, Narex cabinet makers chisels are fine enough for dovetails and a good price.
          Not the Narex bench chisels though.

          If you need anymore help I would post in the forum, as we are taking this thread way of topic.

          Ken πŸ˜‰

    1. Neil, paul has said when he wants a quick method for cutting dovetails, he will use the coping saw. When he wants more precise dovetails, he will use this method. πŸ˜‰

      1. FYI, I just tried the Amazon site, and ordered one. I got a message that it was restricted, and couldn’t be delivered to my home. I have not run into this problem before, and would really like to get one of these marking knives..

  3. Good afternoon. I am new to handtools and have fallen in love with real woodworking. I have been purchasing tools mostly based on Paul’s recommendations. I am curious to know what dovetail saw he recommends.

    Thanks for any advice.

      1. Philip,
        Hey I appreciate that link a ton. I don’t have a bandsaw. I do have a table saw which would work well. I was just making sure there wasn’t another way. I like the jig, it would need to be modified for depth and thickness. Thanks again for the help!

  4. Great video and excellent tip on using the backing board to extend the cut line. I am a very green novice, so I would have used setup lines for the cuts on the other end instead of relying solely on the cuts in the backing board. I noticed when Paul lined the backing board for the other end of the board that the cuts were off center. One end cut was wider than the other cut.

  5. Lovely project in so many ways. I’ve watched these videos several times and each time I learn something new, such as the way paul uses a pencil line instead of a marking gauge to initially lay out the dovetails. Thanks.

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