9 comments on “Eco Bin: Episode 8

  1. Thanks Paul. Because of you, shellac has become my go to finish. It is simply lovely and easy to apply. I do have two questions.

    If you do happen to drag the brush and pull the shellac finish, what is the approach to fix it? I’m thinking it would either be sanding the affected area or if more serious finish pull to place a ethanol soaked rag on the area and remove the finish in that area and restart.

    For the OOOO steel wool and wax, I initially buff it out with a rag after the wax has hazed over. The piece looks better for sure. I don’t see any real change if I then try further buffing with a shoe polish brush. Am I doing something wrong?

    • I checked this with my dad for you @joeleonetti and he said he would stick to sanding if you have a drag in the finish. He said, “sand slowly though because if you sand quickly it can heat up and gum up”.

      On the shoe brush, it sometimes helps. If it doesn’t it doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing anything wrong.



    • @Antonio, Are you considering buying the same Make, Model, Size, and Colour of brush? Will that make much difference? There’s certainly a difference between cheap nylon imports verses pure bristle, but will the shellac know whether it’s hake, hog’s hair, badger, bristle…?

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