1. yes another enjoyable project this one something new to me. I have not tried inlay yet something to look forward to when I can get round to it. Handy tool that Eclipse coping saw I bought my one fifty odd years ago still working good as new.
    thank you Paul and Team stay safe.

  2. It’s amazing how interesting can be a project with a so small object. a fantastic work, I think. I will try to make one, although I wouldn’t bet for my skills to do it.

    Thank you very much for all you do.

  3. Thanks Paul. I’m looking forward to making one for my wife.

    I struggle to cut square and stay close to the line with a coping saw (I’m using the brands and blades you recommend). I have the blade as tight in the coping saw as possible. Do you have any tips for sawing with a coping saw to stay close to the line and square across the cut? I don’t have these issues with any of the regular joinery saws or panel saws. It might be I just need more practice.

    1. Hi,

      Paul says:
      This is a sensitivity issue and it takes practise to loosen up and not be rigid in the use of the coping saw because when you’re rigid you deny yourself the sensitivity it takes to use the coping saw. Perhaps start there by making cove cuts and round cuts to lines that you put on there so that you are setting some parameters to cut to.

      Kind Regards,

      1. Thanks Paul, Izzy for the tip. I am definitely more tense when using the coping saw than the other saws. I will practice some coves and round cuts on some off cuts from a recently finished project.

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