Hat & Coat Stand: Episode 7

Hat & Coat Stand Episode 7 Keyframe

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The coat hooks must be fitted to the backboard, and the layout must be accurate for the tenons to fit into the mortises. In this episode, Paul fits the tenons individually to guarantee that perfect fit. Paul uses knifewalls taken from each tenon throughout this section to get the exactness he wants. The sequence of gluing up if you are on your own becomes a system, and though Paul did rehearse the steps beforehand, you will see that things do not always go to plan.



GLUE UP – 20:04

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  1. Trevor Hosken on 1 April 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Great stuff Paul. Well done.
    Also you nearly got me on the April Fools video. Fortunately with my precision glasses I saw through the prank. Nice video though. Not too sure about the chisel juggling 😲
    We need a bit of humour in these dark times.

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