1. Your looking great Paul!! I can feel your energy from “Across the Pond” while watching your video. I actually just received “your life’s work” book. Essential Woodworking Handtools. I was so relieved to see that it made it here in 1 piece. Although it was opened (the flap to the cardboard box it came in) I suspect by customs. The least they could have done is re-taped it back down. Oh well…..luckily no damage.

    As far as I’m considered I now have in possession “The Handtool Woodworking Bible”

    Thankyou for being so selfless and sharing your life’s work with the world Paul. I/we will never forget you.

  2. Happy New Year Paul. This video really got me having fun making stars as Christmas gifts – 4-pointers, 5-pointers, 6-pointers and finally an 8-pointer. Taping the sections together while the glue dries is a brilliant tip. I found that glueing the ebony and mahogany sticks face to face before sawing out the points of the stars to thickness made the assembly a little less tricky. Thank you very much.

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