1. Your looking great Paul!! I can feel your energy from “Across the Pond” while watching your video. I actually just received “your life’s work” book. Essential Woodworking Handtools. I was so relieved to see that it made it here in 1 piece. Although it was opened (the flap to the cardboard box it came in) I suspect by customs. The least they could have done is re-taped it back down. Oh well…..luckily no damage.

    As far as I’m considered I now have in possession “The Handtool Woodworking Bible”

    Thankyou for being so selfless and sharing your life’s work with the world Paul. I/we will never forget you.

  2. Happy New Year Paul. This video really got me having fun making stars as Christmas gifts – 4-pointers, 5-pointers, 6-pointers and finally an 8-pointer. Taping the sections together while the glue dries is a brilliant tip. I found that glueing the ebony and mahogany sticks face to face before sawing out the points of the stars to thickness made the assembly a little less tricky. Thank you very much.

  3. TEXAS LONE STAR VS HOLIDAY STAR if you want to make a star that looks nice on a Christmas tree or just part of holiday decor you can change the interior angle from 36deg to 45deg and you will get a 4 pointed star rather than a 5 point star which looks very nice. if you take one more step and make just one of the pairs of pieces that make up each point with something less than the 36deg instead of 36 degrees, that point will be longer than the others and will make a super ‘Star of Bethlehem’ type star when put with the other 3 pairs described above. it is no harder than Paul’s design to make. I just did one with the 45 degree inner angle and 22+/- degrees for the longer point and 45 degree / 18 degree combination for the other 3 points and it looks super. Give it a try! Happy Holidays!

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