1. Loved the way it all fits so neatly together and the thought behind the dimensions to accommodate specific tools. Sticking to such principles takes much of the indecision and complications that come if one tries to make it universal with adjustments etc and leads to something that goes quickly and is fit for purpose. I need to apply these simplifying design ideas to my work and avoid over complicating.


  2. I know that the fitment within a chest is personal. However, I would still like to see what tools you will include and how you will fit them. I already have a chest I made many years ago, but I have had to reconfigure the internal design twice and am still not satisfied with it. I think I may have to build another chest; perhaps a smaller one such as the one you are building. I suspect that yours will not include any moulding planes. I have come to believe that that is the major problem with the design of mine plus it was configured for wooden planes which are larger than their metal counterparts. Thanks, Bill.

  3. Another great presentation of fine woodwork made simple and true.
    I love the aspect of cutting the divider channel by hand vs a router or table saw.
    Lovely work.
    Thanks again to all who bring these lessons to us.

  4. Enjoying the videos for this project. I am learning a lot from the great presentations.
    Thanks to everyone who make these lessons the best woodworking videos on the web.

  5. Thanks Paul about the customization discussion. Last night I mocked up the tools I want at the bottom. My inside dimension will need to be 14″ wide as I have a couple of extra planes (wooden jointer, wooden Foreplane, no 5 Jack, no 4 scub, no 3 smoother, router,) I want to include. The good news is that after woodworking for 3 years, I have a fairly good idea of what I want to take with me when I will go to my fathers (2 nights a week). Rather than watch tv, we will woodwork. Well, he will watch me woodwork while we chat.

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