1. I love the comment about the advantage of not having a prissy bench. One of the things that kept me out of hand tool woodworking was the consensus from the gurus that I needed an expensive, hard to build, hardwood bench to do good work.

    I don’t begrudge those who have the furniture grade benches. However I’m much less stressed every time a chisel slips or I spill some stain or drip some glue

    1. Nearly completed with my “non-prissy” bench, and the tops have already taken on a bit of grunge and a few marks from using them to build on. It’ll be surface planed the one time, then it’s just another multi-function tool. Use functional to make prissy!

      1. Jeffrey,

        A yard stick and meter stick are two different, but very similar instruments.

        A yardstick would be 36 inches long
        A meter stick is 1000 mm long or just over 39 inches

        I have seen meter sticks with inches marked on one side, however.

  2. I’m building a cradle for a new grandchild on the way. Wondering if this arch would work for the rockers, or would a fairing stick bent to a more extreme arch work better. Any recommendations for the perfect arch to accomplish gentle rocking? Also racking my brain for a unique way to incorporate some sort of brake or stop to lock the cradle from rocking. Would rather not use hardware if a hardwood solution were available

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