1. Rather than an arch template is this not rather an arc template as this is just one curve of constant radius. Sorry to criticise but I am a Mathematician and thought it was going to show us how to do something like a got his arch rather than a repeatable arc

  1. Anthony,

    A Gothic arch is layed out using the same techniques Paul shows in the video, except it is two circular arcs with the Foci along the base line of the arc arch having radii that are greater than half the span. Laying out the circular arcs uses the same techniques.

    The architects and builders were pretty clever in the radii they chose in order to make their jobs easier, but arcs equal to span, 4/5th of span (quinto acuto), 5/4th of span (erecto), and halfway between those radii (mezzo erecto) were very common.

    As a mathematician, you’ll have fun figuring out why they picked those arches, which are instantly recognizable in cathedral windows.

    1. That’s a great piece of info thanks. To all who read my post thanks, I know that an arch can be laid out using arcs it’s just the title of the video lead me to think that is exactly what paul was going to demonstrate. I think he is a true teacher who does it all for the passion he has for his subject. No offence made and non taken from all the great feedback

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