1. I’ve not heard of Mancala before, i’ll have to look that one up. My late Grandad’s old cribbage board that he made many moons ago comes out most Christmas times but this sounds like a fun thing to make and play with my family.

  2. Lots of fun, and interesting techniques that we don’t use every day. Thanks!

    Now it would be a real good thing if the video editor could crank up the audio. It’s quite a bit lower than normal.

  3. Awwaa James. The cribbage board. My father and I had our difference’s but when we played it was just two equals going at it. I’m 66 now and really miss those days. So many good memory’s. Thanks to you as always Paul for showing how to make a mancala board.

  4. Great video, thanks Paul and team. I’m sorry for posting twice ( I posted first time before watching) but my four year old son watched this with me and has told me that we can make one tomorrow. When I said to him that we don’t have a gouge he said “Don’t worry Daddy, we can get one from the gouge shop.”
    Keep up the great work, thanks for all the hard work you put in, it really shows and is really appreciated.
    Kind regards

  5. Paul and Crew thank you for yet another swell Gift. I have not heard of this board / game before and will look up as it looks like fun to make and a fun game. Our Grandkids especially the soon to be 8 year loves to play checkers and games now so I can see a future for this one.

    On a side note we have been having fun making and painting the Stars.

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family as well Paul. And to the Woodworking Master Classes Crew


  6. Great fun. As always, I am encouraged to try my own projects in ‘simple’ fashion using pretty much all hand tools, e.g. I needed some little pieces of wood (about 1/4″ square and 1″ long) to hold a glass panel in place in a small clock I am building. So I grabbed a piece of pine, made some cuts with a handsaw and – pow!! I had my pieces of wood. No fuss, no muss, no power tools!

    Just one question – what type of wood were you using? Seemed like cherry or the like.

  7. Great fun gift idea, and one excellent exercise in carving around, in, and across the grain.
    This exercise is equal in growing our skills as was making the Christmas Stars from last year.
    Thank you and your staff so much for bringing us another great Christmas treat.
    Merry Christmas.

  8. And the boy can sing too! Is there a limit to his talents?
    Great little project, definitely making one for my Dad, he’d love it.
    Thanks Paul.

    The camera angle over the right shoulder made we wonder if you’d considered a view looking straight down from above at all? I understand it might be tricky, could be interesting to see though. Can’t fault the videos though, really great, looking forward to seeing what you have lined up for 2015

  9. you can also cross cut through the middle center line of the board and its even more compact. This will aslo keep the 2 end dumping stations fully intact. I prefer this method over ripping through the center of the board.

    Thank you for this project Mr. Sellers. One can also make it authentic and dont fully smooth out the individual stations too much as the original mancala boards were all pretty rough.

  10. I bought a set of chisels from Aldi on Pauls recommendation, wonderful basic tools and great value. So then I found a set of carving chisels and gouges at Lidl, also very cheap.
    Now I have a project to test them on, obviously the biggest is really the one to use for this.

    Thanks for the idea and stimulus I need.

  11. I have a piece of cherry with Mancala written on it, now that my wife gave me a #7 Hirsch for Christmas. Giving someone a hand made gift is both rewarding and fulfilling. Paul, you provide excellent direction and instruction which inspires confidence that is sincerely appreciated. I am working through the Artisan DVD video series and it is packed with great techniques and opportunities to learn. Thanks for sharing your craftsmanship and knowledge!

    1. Hello Angelo,
      You might be better off asking this in the forums. Where are you based? We don’t have a consistant supplier for these, but they can quite often be picked up in Screwfix in the UK.
      Best, Phil

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