1. Hmmm… when I watched your first video series about making a workbench (the one filmed on your garden) I ended making a workbench. This plywood bench is very gorgeous. I don’t have free space for a new one, but perhaps tumbling down a wall in the house…

    Very interesting and instructive, as always. Thank you very much.

  2. I can’t make out whether it is retirement or watching your videos that makes me feel so relaxed ! A truly inspirational series.

    Is it too late to take up an apprenticeship at 58 years young ??

    I’m just going to the bottom of the garden to measure out a workshop!

    Thank you.

  3. First time I’ve seen the dreaded glue freeze in one of Paul’s videos, though I’ve heard him warn of it many times.

    Out of curiosity, and as a matter of tempering expectations, about how long did it take to set those glue-frozen rails?

    Thank you

  4. Paul,
    First, I am very much enjoying this build (as well as all of your other videos) and want to first
    thank you for sharing your skill and vision with us. Second, in am currently building the solid wood version of this bench and am at the same point of preparing the apron for the legs. Since I don’t need the the ability to disassemble the bench, would I lose any structural integrity to subtract the wedges and glue and screw the legs into the dados cut to fit the legs only? I of course will still glue the skirt to the top. Thanks

  5. Really enjoying this series. I am replacing old crooked tables in my shop with plywood cabinets. But I’m incorporating many of this bench’s design elements into the cabinets. I have one cabinet built, 3 more to go. Then I plan to do this bench. Thanks so much for this build!

  6. So far the build has gone without a hitch. But now I’m a little puzzled regarding the placement of the runner. From the endview in the plan it looks as though the top board of the bearer is slotted to allow the insertion of the end of the runner. Is that correct? Thanks for your help.

    1. Don

      Im at the same point is the build as you its seems

      I suspect the runner, as you suggest is slotted into the bearers because the drawing shows it as the same height as the top of the bearer. Its the only thing that would make sense to me, but looks like episode 5 is out tomorrow and hopefully all will be revealed ready to carry on at the weekend


  7. The dreaded glue freeze!
    Paul… I really appreciate Your calm.
    Your example is that of Calm Thought when issues come up…
    Just like the tenon that was damaged durning assembly… Nothing being thrown across the shop… just simply picking up a chisel and cutting off the broken part… I suspect even if it was damaged beyond repair, You would have simply said “Oops! Ok… We’ll redo that!”

    Your attitude is calm which allows clear thinking… and this is what you teach, this is your example!
    The mark of a true Master / Teacher!

    Oh by the way… Your April Fools Post was truly unbearable… I was ready to throw my computer out the window!
    Yes… I did have a good laugh! 😂

    Be Well Paul Sellers… 🙏🏻

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