Rocking Chair: Q&A Episode 2

Rocking Chair Q&A 2

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In this second Rocking Chair Q&A, Paul mostly addresses questions that have been asked in relation to the second half of the project. These focus in particular on the arm shaping and fitting, project progressing, upholstery and applying finish to achieve certain appearances.


Here is a list of the various questions asked:

Episode 2

0:26 Andrew asks: I need two arm chairs for our dining room. Would it be appropriate to leave off the rockers and make this a straight chair?

Episode 10

2:20 Paul asks: For the rocker to leg joint, if it wasn’t necessary to be dismantlable, would a wedged through tenon be a possible way to do it, instead of the screw?

Episode 11

3:26 Dusty asks: Would it be advisable to pare the back face of the tenon prior to laying out the angled cut on the back of the arm? If you lay this out first and then pare too much away on the tenon, that could leave a gap where the arm meets the back post.

4:44 Sean asks: Did you use the first arm to trace the curves onto the second arm, or did you eyeball the second arm too?

5:58 Joseph asks: If you were to fume this piece with ammonia and then just wax it, would you still use the sandpaper to give the surface some bite? Many thanks.

7:00 Joseph asks: How many hours would you expect for a beginner to take to make this? How long would it take you to make it working undisturbed?

7:40 Stefan asks: Would you make one at a time or in pairs? Do you do other projects during glue-up as well?

Episode 13 Upholstery

8:33 Joseph asks: Was the knife you used to cut the foam serrated (looked like it might be)? If so, how do you sharpen it?

9:07 Luiz asks: What are the recommended dimensions for the brace corner and seat plywood thickness?

Episode 14 Applying Finish

10:01 David asks: When you apply finish, what is your order of application?

11:05 Christopher asks: Can you put some type of oil base finish on before your shellac? Since I’ll be using all quartersawn material I want the medullary rays to pop. Also what brand and type of wax are you using there in the video?

13:57 Kathryn asks: If I wanted to add color to the shellac to make it look like fumed oak, what would I use and how?

15:14 Joseph asks: Would it be possible in future projects to show and teach us other finishes? For example, I’d like to learn more about tung oil, french polishing, and also fuming oak with ammonia. Also, I’d love to learn more from you what woods are more suitable for different finishes.


  1. hopper8670 on 1 May 2017 at 10:14 pm

    How is the best way to find the leather needed for the chair Cushion?

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