1. I shared with Paul the comments he said: “I am still learning so much. I am not inventing anything but seeing how woodworkers did it and adding it to my working knowledge of wood. I am then passing it on so it won’t be loss.”

  1. What hardware is Paul going to use to attach the bedrails to the bedpost? I know he will cover this topic in later videos, but I wanted to go ahead and get some hardware in preparation.

  2. Thanks Sven
    That article (and very useful it is) in the question (from 2014) mentions a bed-build by Paul. Do you happen to know if that involved a video series. From what I could work out Paul never sleeps because I have never seen any mention of a bed build so far, so I have been hanging out for him to do a bed since he started this Sellers Home series – that would have been my first project if I had moved into a new home – though I do understand that he may have been waiting on the building modifications before he started on bedroom stuff.

    1. The bed Paul made in 2014 was a gift for his son, Joseph (my husband) and me. It wasn’t made as a video series but he did blog about it at the time. With Sellers Home we started in the living room and the downstairs because of the modifications in the house as you suggest.

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