1. Thanks Paul. I’m enjoying the journey for sure. Out of curiosity, at times I’ve seen you use well worn sandpaper to denib. I’ve also seen you use the card scraper to denib on the same piece. What makes you choose one over the other? Just trying to understand if at times one way is preferable.

  2. Nice work, Paul.

    I wonder if the drawer face on one of the nightstands shrunk and caused a tad bit larger gap compared with the other nighstand drawer/door gap, or was it just the way it was dimensioned?

    Also, on the door handle, with the use of one screw, would the handle stay in place and not turn around?

    Great shellac work too! I wonder what the cut was. You seemed to be working stress free, so I assume it was a heavier cut…but I’ll wait to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. I am currently working on this project and things are coming out pretty good for me. May I know which size gouge Paul used on the drawer and door handle? I have very limited knowledge on gouges and the only one I have is the Hirsh straight #7 37mm carving gouge, which I had bought 6 months ago.
    The size of that gouge, however, seems much bigger than the one used by Paul here.

    Thank you,

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