1. Thanks you to offer to me the opportunity to make my dreams come true too ! I do love to be able to make my own furnitures by hands and I don’t even have enough words to explain how much I’m so proud of me when I finish a piece. And, when an happiest man share his good vibes around him, it tends to spread it 🙂 so, it’s not a surprised that my son will begin his woodworker school the next year 🙂 🙂

  2. Lovely coffee table and Paul’s woodworking is, as always, masterful. However, one little bit of feedback is that whilst I totally appreciate always looking to improve the production values of your videos, I am not feeling the voice-over/narration style at all. In my view, Paul’s disembodied voice only serves to disconnect the listener from the processes. One of the most engaging things about Paul’s teaching is watching him guide you through and react, in real-time, to the twists and turns of a project. I know that in the context of what is being said, both mediums are of equal value, insight, and depth of knowledge, but on a human level, I respond to and absorb what is being shared significantly more when Paul is explaining as he works.

  3. Thank you for another lovely and inventive piece. Can you explain how the drawer is intended to? I wouldn’t want a pull to interfere with the hidden drawer face, but it’s not clear how to open it other than reaching beneath to push it open.

  4. Another episode where i learned something new.
    I do however agree with Eric’s comment ‘could do without the music’. The first 10 minutes especially felt like I was on hold to a call centre with a pleasant short piece of music soon becoming really irritating and reminiscent of interspersions of: “We are sorry for the delay, all our customer service representatives are currently with other callers. Your call is important to us and we will be with you shortly”.
    I have also struggled to understand why I find the voice over episodes somewhat unsatisfactory. Jack has captured the reason well – thank you for that.
    Having said all this I did find the commentary during glue up and finishing to be usefully different – sometimes it’s good to see the slight frenzy of glue up but equally it’s useful to hear ‘after the fact’ comments.

  5. Hi folks,

    Thanks Eric, Jack and Flemming for the constructive feedback.

    We are experimenting with ways to get us through repetitive sections or long sections where there are only snippets of useful info to share. We would struggle to make progress through these builds in a sensible amount of time if we didn’t find ways to move along faster than using real time footage.

    We are very much open to feedback and suggestions and we will keep an eye on this and make changes when we find ways to improve.

  6. Lovely project, I like the new element of the drawer. Personally I like the voice over sections, you’ll notice that Paul does address those snags along the way, and sometimes will resume the live-working to address the problem solving that cannot be adequately described in a voice over. Many of his techniques are described in great detail in other videos of his, such as the ironing trick to raise the grain in a dented piece.
    I would be curious to know if Paul ever uses a different finish for a piece where you wouldn’t need to use a coaster, say for a dining table? There’s nothing like the feeling of watching in horror as a friend happens to set their drink down on a piece you’ve spent days on with only shellac and wax to protect it.

    1. Hi Stephen , How difficult did you find the bent lamination ? I have built several of Paul’s tables but the bent lamination is a new twist that I am still trying to wrap my head around , including how to cut the thin pieces with a handsaw !

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