1. Good morning from the US. First off, thank you Paul and your team.

    I have a question about the panels. Why flat ones and not raised. Yes, I understand it was Paul’s choice; but as my woodworking continues to grow, I’m beginning to think about aesthetics and wondering if raised panels would not have looked right with this type of cabinet.

    Thank you,


    P.S. I made a chair style seat (my design) for a stool (Paul’s design). The arms flex from side-to-side even though the spindle’s are wedged from underneath the seat. Is there a way to stop the flexing?

    1. I asked Paul and this was his reply:

      I wanted a simple design, clean lines, they were actually raised panel in reverse- the raised panel being on the inside. I wanted to do walnut in the frame adding more details “muddies the water” and muddies the design and makes it more fussy. The inlay and the choice of wood were the decorative features.

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