1. I have often noticed that when you are chopping vertically to the knife-wall on dovetail joints or, as in this instance, to the housing dado you change your grip on the chisel from the handle to low down on the blade as the work progresses: what determines the change of grip? Or am I missing something?
    Hope your ribs are healing well.

    1. I asked Paul and his reply is below:

      Usually I will go nearer to the tip when I want a true feel of the position of the chisel in relation to the knife wall.

      He also added how much he dislikes butt chisels and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

  2. I enjoyed the closeup camera work! However, I really disliked the fast speed of the final minutes. I learn so much from watching Paul as he performs the glue ups and assembles the pieces—please extend the length of these videos so we have the choice to watch Paul work. They’ve clearly been filmed, so let us enjoy the experience of watching Paul work.

    Thank you,

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