Sellers Home Oval End Tables: Episode 3

Oval Tables EP3 KF

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It’s such an exciting time making a table go from rectangular to elliptical, and the steps you learn are transferable throughout your woodworking life. We have some glue up to tackle on splayed and tapered legs, making the glue-up as unusual as the elliptical top. We go from this directly into laying out and cutting the ellipses with hand saws, chisels and spokeshaves, and then create the underside bevels using spokeshaves and rasps only. We enter into some basic metal working too, as we make the anchor plates from flat bar stock before recessing them flush with the tops of the leg frames. By the end of this video, we have these beautiful oval tables fully together.

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  1. jasonz on 11 October 2022 at 2:22 pm

    I have always wondered – what type of pen do you sign the wood with? I like using shellac, but I find it causes my signature to bleed and run.

    Thank you for the series as always,

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