1. The rocking chair is very nice. The grain flows perfectly into the curves and crisp lines and the welcome glow of the timber just invites you to sit and enjoy life. I so look forward to getting started on what will be a winter project for me down under. Thanks Paul

  2. Thanks Paul. One of the things I love about the finishing process is how the wood beauty suddenly intensifies. During the build process I notice the grain and such. At the end, the finish is like a reward at which the wood suddenly sings loudly. I know this will be the case but it still brings me such simple pleasure.

    In a few years, I am going to reface the kitchen cabinets and put in new doors and drawer faces; all with cherry. I will use shellac and then apply water based polyurethane on top of it. Would this be a suitable approach for a finish in the kitchen? Any other suggestions on how to finish in that application?

  3. Thanks so much for this project, Paul. The training in working ‘non-square’ elements and the post-joinery shaping has been so very helpful. The fact that I can plan to make one for myself, and to be confident enough to scale it to my own personal dimensions is a real testament to your very fine teaching skills. When I started this journey with you, getting the sawhorses together were a serious challenge – now, rocking chairs! I couldn’t be happier that I began this journey. Many, many thanks.

  4. This has been such a joy to watch. I love the other style of videos where Paul talks you through every cut and shaving but there is also something very satisfying about just watching. No words needed. The camera work is just great.

    Based on the older rocker video and while watching this each week I’ve been working on my own design and build using this as reference, inspiration and guidance. I’ve nearly finished but can’t wait to start another one more like this, for me this time.

    This time last year woodwork was no longer part of my life. Now it’s back with a passion. Thank you Paul and all the team for these brilliantly constructed items and videos.

  5. Dear Paul,

    Your chair looks amazing. As all of your video clips, this one was very well produced too. Your website has improved so much in every aspect and for this the greatest credit must be given to your collaborators. Congratulations team.

    Have a nice day, Max.

  6. Thank you so much for this inspiration. The chair is beautiful. I love the curves and how it just makes the chair look so natural and highlights the wood grain. Not like any other chair I have seen.

    A question: what is the finish that is used on this chair? It looks great on the cherry wood.

    Be well.

    1. Hi,

      Paul says:

      Because the front rail fixes the distance between the two shoulders and then uses a solid wood seat. The solid wood seat will naturally expand and contract through its life over that width it could be as much as ¼”. As the distance between the fixed shoulders of the crossrail will never moved, the seat could crack at some point. The two splits reduce the width and shrinkage and expansion is reduced by one third.


  7. Gorgeous piece of furniture!!! Thank you Paul for a great furniture build!! The video series makes projects like this so much more attainable for those of use that can’t get away for one or two weeks at a furniture work shop for these types of builds. Thank you Paul!!!

  8. To Paul Sellers and the rest of the production crew
    This was a great project and the happiness of Paul is overwhelming. Thank you for a great project and the helpful tips on making it.
    Best wishes to everyone.
    Your friend from Canada. Dennis

    1. Thank you Dennis for your lovely comment. The Sellers Home Rocking Chair was exciting for everyone because it was the first project for Sellers Home. Great that you could see Paul’s excitement for it through the video.

      I have also enjoyed seeing in our “Gallery Goodness” all the versions that people have made from many different woods all around the world.

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