1. Am I the only one who thought “you have spent all that time making the seat look lovely, and now you’re just going to cut it up!” :0)

    I am still confused about how the seat base is going to come back together and how it’ll allow the seat to expand and contract. I am hoping it’ll become clearer next week.

    I am enjoying the series so far. Love the idea of laminating the pieces for the bends; I would love to see a close up just to see how obvious the laminations are.

  2. Ah grasshopper. Set on your bench touch fingers together and chant haaaaaaammmmmmmm and soon all will be revealed
    Or your wife will bring you a ham samich.
    Gonna be fun to see how it goes uh huh

  3. @for68: no, you are not the only one. I’m eagerly waiting for the next episodes to understand the reason(s) for cutting the beautiful seat and to see how it will be assembled.

  4. i missed something i guess i will watch it over and listen more closely to see why he cut the seat into three pieces, when paul did that i just about fell out of my chair, i know he has something up his sleeve, i cant wait to see what it is, boy you learn a lot watching him!= i am addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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