1. I noticed this video followed the more traidtional flow of Paul’s videos – which is what I prefer. Where music and no commentary are often coupled with processes that are either repetitive, have already been covered by live commentary in this build, or are core procedures to fine woodworking fundamentals.

    0:00 – 9:50 & 42:35 – End: we’ve already seen through live commentary everything he does throughout this time frame. Either in previous videos of this build or in other videos. “But what about folks who haven’t?” There is an entire library of videos on the Common AND Master site, where Paul goes through these processes on multiple occassions. If all processes were live commentary, the first video of every build would be surface prep/squaring stock. Especially for this build, I’d rather avoid watching two, 30-60 minute videos of surface prep/squaring.

    I’m right there with most people on video 5, I wasn’t the biggest fan of it and I understand the concern from the hearing impaired. However, most tasks were fairly straightforward and very simple, so I can kind of understand the route they were going.

    Either great work, Sellers team. Keep it up.

  2. I completely agree with Kyle. There is a massive back catalogue on WWM where Paul talks through steps for so many processes. The first part of this video mirrors the work for the case itself and the end is repetition of what Paul just talked through.
    Personally I enjoy these segments watching Paul work at his pace without needing to worry about explaining his process to the audience.
    Thanks to the team, I think the videography for the sellers home projects has been first class.

  3. Totally agree with Kyle and Aled. I think this episode is the perfect mix of getting on with it and then slowing for the more technical/individual detail that is required.

    I think the reason why the production of these videos is so first class is through constant trial and error; not everyone is going to happy, all the time, but I thought this was perfect for me!

    Well done to Paul and team, please keep trying new ways of getting across this amazing content!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing Paul deal with the cupped boards. That is the kind of common real world scenario that can totally stymie a novice (like me!) the first time it is encountered, but a master like Paul shows how to easily work through it giving confidence for the rest of us to do the same!

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