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      Thank you for your comment.

      Paul says:
      This is called a scotch hinging because the lid lies flush on the underside, you cannot have sufficient clearance for the hinge to operate properly if you let the hinge into the lid the full leaf depth.

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  1. I’ve been hoping that you would do a project that used tambour doors, and I was not disappointed with this project. High quality, original design, and impeccable workmanship. I will probably modify this to make a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet.

  2. Hey guys;
    I’ve been meaning to tell you about the volume of Paul’s voice. It is a bit low for the ear phones and especially when you add the music to the video. It actually drowns out Paul’s voice. It would be appreciated if you could adjust it up for future videos.

    As always the videos were great – cheers.

  3. This may be overkill, but I was thinking that you could ensure that the tambour handle does not twist when being screwed down by driving a very small brad in the back side of it at each end and snipping the heads off, leaving only a millimetre or so protruding. The resulting pins will push into the surface of the tambour rail and create registration points, preventing any vertical movement of either end under the pressure of the screw.

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