1. Hi Paul
    Great project, and video especially when we know you are working in your own at present in the workshop. You have a great team pulling these together. I can think of a few people who would like one of these. Must admit though , my favourite part was when you said “sssssnake” 🙂
    Your granddaughter will love this.

  2. New episode idea: Paul does everything left handed so we can see how he deals with the mistakes we all make!

    Interesting technique with the saw for roughing up the wood, the scratch pattern could be the snakes scales!

  3. What a great project… it quickly took me back to my childhood.

    I grew up in San Francisco, CA and wood toys like that were common in S.F.’s Chinatown shops, along with things like bamboo “finger puzzles” and wood puzzle boxes.

    I hadn’t thought of those snake for many decades, this is going to be a fun and nostalgic project… thank you Paul!!

  4. Nice project. I did not hear Paul mention a length, but my guess is 18″ long/46 cm? I estimated it when the piece was in the vise assuming the vise jaws are 12″/30 cm. I just mention this because Paul cautioned later on to not make the snake too long.
    Correct me if I am off on that measurement.

  5. This is a great project! I immediately rummaged through my scrap wood and spent the day making two of these, one in walnut, and one in Douglas fir. They turned out amazing — my grandson and niece will love them!

  6. Very nice, thanks! I have thought about making an animal using this technique but have never though the details through, such as what material to use for the middle. I do have some abrasive cloth so that is a great idea! I may make mine into a dinosaur and not a snake. For myself, not for any kids. 😀

  7. Fun project. We used a piece of old belt sander belt for the “spine” and glued it with 3M 77 spray adhesive, dry ~ 30 minutes. Holding very well so far and got it done in an evening. Kids really dig it and now want to make some for their friends.

  8. A neat project achieving “wobblyness” I not usually expect in joinery 😛 (not even sat my amateur level)

    Indeed once flexibility was blown into the snake by its creator, I got thinking about a ‘hidden skill’ I haven’t found in the site til now: roller (tambour) doors.

    Is this something worthy of a video, Paul?

    Thank you for everything you share.

  9. I have trouble with the segments easily popping off the cloth spine once they are cut. Lacking a belt sander belt I made my first attempt with some landscape fabric, which seemed to work fine until the segments were cut and they easily came off. Thinking the plastic in the fabric might resist gluing, I tried an experiment using light cotton denim instead but again the segments easily released. Using cherry wood and Titebond III glue, and allowing a day for the glue to cure. Is the fabric choice more critical than I thought? Any advice for getting a stronger bond between the wood and fabric? Thanks!

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