1. I’m learning to love the zen of this kind of prep work. I surprised myself how elated I was joining and squaring some pieces for a dresser. It is such a commitment with an equal payoff. Looking forward to this.

  2. The dimensions in his drawing won’t pass through the door to my dining room, even with the top removed. I wonder if the base can be made wedged so that it can be taken apart for transportation, or if that wouldn’t be strong enough for a kitchen table?

  3. Thank you Paul for doing this video. Not only are there just gobs and gobs of great information but technics and the fact that you can use some of the cracks and imperfections as a focal point. I bought half of a chestnut tree that’s all quatersawn with panels as wide as 20″ and some of them have thei exact same challenges as your boards , so I was glad to see how to deal with them and to see them as a positive instead of a negative and using hand tools to do so. This very well might have been the best learning experience I’ve had since I started woodworking.
    Many thanks for listening,

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