1. they are some tight tolerances 1mm wiggle room the glue is just a belt and braces approach thanks for showing the right way to fit a tenon, before i watched your teaching methods i saw glue as a filler aswell as a glue .

  2. Im way behind on my table, lol . Im ready to dimension the boards for my top but how do you get a line on the wane side of the board so I can plane down to? The wane is real pronounced on my stock there’s as much as 2″ from short to long and I cant get the marking gauge to touch. Should I cut down some of the wane. Also I have about 2″ to 3″ of sapwood on the two outside boards. I need the sapwood to help keep my width wide enough. Im cautious to use it but it looks awesome on this QS Chestnut. The medullary rays are really prominent in the sapwood as well. As long as you put a good finish on it should be ok. Right? Thanks Chris

    1. I don’t envisage there being any issue with the wane except the curve can sometimes be too much. I usually avoid altering the curve because what looks natural suddenly looks unnatural and dare I say sort of ‘tampered’ with??

  3. I consider myself a rank beginner, so if I choose, say, the footstool to start with, I really do appreciate it if the footstool episodes include things that may have been covered before. Among other things, I do admit to having to see something more than once for it to sink into my mind and hands a little better.

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