1. I’ve been using a wooden spokeshave for a couple of years now (proper old school with tangs) and love it so much I would dive into shark infested waters to rescue it. I started using it exclusively with a pull stroke but have recently managed the push stroke as well. One of my favourite tools.

  2. Thanks for this video! Got my first wooden spokeshave 30 years ago. Absolutely one of my favorite tools to use-roughing and smoothing. This and an eggbeater drill were the first of my tools my children would pick up and use-they could peel long shavings from a piece of pine and turn square into round-they’re grown now, but even those not working wood now will still pick one up when they come out into my shop. Wonderful tool!!!

  3. This may come out as a dumb statement but it wasn’t until I finished making my first wooden spokeshave that it dawned on me that my metal Record spokeshave (and I assume metal spokeshaves in general) is a bevel-down plane while the wooden spokeshave is a bevel-up plane.

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