1. i would definitely use my band saw or table saw for this but aint got any ,however i do have a freshly sharpened panel saw .medullary rays here i come. thanks for another good,honest and safe woodworking lesson . Q. does it matter what way the taper side is fitted to the handle at this point? i think paul has the straight side facing the back of the handle.

  2. Paul
    I really appreciate you thoughtfull jesture here. and, Im sure this cane will be useful in many ways.Walking assistance, Reaching up high to retreive items from the top shelf, Beating off Bill collectors, #1 . That motivates now to go ahead and finish mine. Just joking ,lol I allways enjoy wathing you build something no matter what it is. Ripping that QSWO just about wore me out. And that was before I started my cut. And Im using a freshly sharpened and Highly tunned #7 20″ HD 1878 Jewel. Thanks a zetabite!!!

  3. The quote in the beginning is from U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy: “speak softly, and carry a big stick.” (Wife’s a historian so I’m obligated)

    1. Sandy1man,

      No later than me. I started a cane last evening with a maple handle and oak leg. Completed it today except for final scraping and sanding. The oak leg came out of a 50 year old board but worked up nicely. Trying to decide now whether or not to put the twist pattern on it. Most likely will and then decide on suitable stain color.
      Go for it,…worth the small amount of time it takes to make. Hopefully my requirement to use it is well into the future. Finding a person in need would really be the ticket.

      Joe B.

  4. Well, I looked for a pattern for the cane handle, There are a lot of similar but not-as-good out on the street. All I could find was the hand drawn one on the table top with a pencil next to it, so I fired up Photoshop, changed the angel to 90 degrees overhead, and then emphasized the outline for tracing or pattern cutout.
    Can’t find a way to attach the jpg file to this comment. but it should measure right on 7″x 2″ coming out of your computer printer , so if you’all want a copy, please let me know how to send it. I have blanks for three canes set up and ready to take to the State of Maine next month (“Where life is as it should be.”)
    Measure twice, cut once.
    Mess up three, get the fourth one with the good wood right.

  5. Mr. Sellers I am new to this side of your site. I have admired your honesty and the fact you have stuck to your guns in what you teach and believe. Thank you for allowing me to partake in learning from you. I hope to pick up good form a technique in my woodworking skills in your teachings.
    As i was browsing the categories the cane section just caught my eye. The first leson was very enjoyable.
    Well done and again thank you.
    Dave Bardin

  6. I’ve got a 4 foot long 2×2 piece of walnut that I’ve had on my shelf for 20 years just waiting to be something.
    Now I know exactly what it wants to be! And I’m at the age where I could use the exercise and a third foot!
    Thank you Paul!

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