1. My wife and I alternate making hand-made ornaments each year for the grandchildren. The thought is when they become adults and leave home, they will have a set of keepsake ornaments to start their own decorations. Last year I made candy cane ornaments from maple and cherry. I adapted an idea for chain links (The Router Handbook, Spielman), then cut them in half. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/85f44c62cf7023fd358e2dc03/images/61fa67b4-eaf2-4e1c-ba2d-bf4114bd01d9.jpg

  2. Thank you Paul, for all your wisdom and experience and incredible generosity! I have just recently started watching you and I learn something new every time! I thank you sincerely for sharing your knowledge with me. Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

  3. yeah, but does he make his own glass ornaments?
    joking, I suspect he could. Paul is the real deal. I love the lack of narration, and the simple yet brilliant ideas like using the saw plate to mark bottom of “branches”, and gang cutting the trees then splitting apart with a freakin’ metal spatula. Effortless movements that come from a lifetime of dedication to the craft.

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