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  1. Paul, just a thought. If you marked all if the housing cuts and then shaped the tops of each piece I think you could eliminate the possibility if breaking off the ends of the housing cuts. This changes the order of creating the pieces but should make it easier for the new woodworking.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas,


  2. Paul, Thank you again for a another project that is something all of us can do and is STUFFED with your shared skills that we always need. Can you tell us more about the jig you used to plane all the parts exactly to 1/2 inch along the entire length?

    • Paul used black walnut and birdseye maple. The centre strips are 1 5/8″ or 42mm and the edge strips are 5/8″ or 15mm. Although this project can be resizes to any size you want and made from pretty much any wood you want.

  3. Hi Paul & team,

    thanks for the nice project. I wanted a good rasp for quite a while now but I was unsure which coarseness to go for. The one you are using here is exactly the coarseness I am looking for which can be smoothed out quickly with a file. Which grain is it?

    Kind regards,

  4. I was glad to see Paul pull out the Poor Man’s Thickness Planer. Mine is indispensable in my shop. I actually have two. One for my No. smooth plane and one for my No. 8 jointer. For example I am building a stair rail for my house and have a lot of identical parts to make, particularly for the newels which have frame and panel sides.
    Keep it up guys. You are doing great.
    Rob Riley

  5. Thank you for the beauty & skills you all freely demonstate & willingly share with us eager souls.
    Polite request: Tools/Materials lists.
    Would it be at all possible to include the details of the particular woods/materials used for each project, along with the types of finishing products etc.
    This would really help the less knowledgeable of us select & source our interest in growing supplies.
    Finest regards, Bob.

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