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  1. Thank you Joseph, you guys are building a great team that all us members will benifit from.

    Welcome Phil!! It is an honor to have you with us. If you ever want to try you hand at a Steel Mill, I will gladly trade places with you! You are in a wonderful position with a great group of guys, a position like this is very hard to find in this day and time. Make the most of it and share it with the rest of the world. You are and will continue to be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Welcome Phil and thank you for all your help. This is a great idea Joseph. As we grow there is no way Paul can be personally available to everyone. But sometimes we need more than just the opinion of our fellow students.

  3. Thank you everyone for you’re warm welcome. Hopefully I can be of help as we all progress in our apprenticeships in different ways. I will try and help to keep on top of questions and discussions that are going on (-:

  4. You folks are certainly doing a fine job of making the videos simple and just about perfect, as regards free of unnecessary music and clutter, and making the learning experience as close to learning in your shop as possible. Phil is certainly doing a great job there.

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