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  1. Wow! congratulations…and thank you for bringing this site to us! There is an immediate effect for those of us following along but more importantly, I think, you are documenting this information for countless generations to come.
    Thank you all and I look forward to many more milestones.


  2. well done, Well Done. This past year has been a delight for me, I’ve Never before looked more forward to Wednesdays than now. Thank you for sharing and being so assessable.


  3. Congratulations!

    Thank you Paul, Joseph, Resi and Phil and everyone else involved for bringing us this wonderful resource. I enjoy your style of teaching and how you impart small tipps and tricks alongside that make so much of a difference.

    Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming projects.

    Best wishes,

  4. congratulations on the first anniversary of Woodworking masterclasses ,i can’t believe this year has gone so fast, thanks for a very enjoyable year of learning (never thought i’d hear myself say that) well done to all concerned and here’s to many more

  5. Many, many congratulations on the first anniversary. An amazing amount has been covered in that 12 month period.

    A big thank you to Paul and his team for all the hard work they put into this site for us.

    Here’s to the next 12 months.

  6. Congratulations and thank you!

    Your all make a great team with Paul Sellers in front. He led an emotional speech to his followers in this woodworking masterclasses presentation video a year ago. How I mentioned in some posts earlier, I think this course it’s not only about it’s teaching quality, it’s also about values like sensibility and perseverance.

    For my, your work is superb, Your message is definitive and the Paul’s mantra will remains with me forever. I’m very honored to meet you.

    Thank you all and keep up the good work!



  7. Congratulations! This has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Other than that, it has been a lot of fun!

    I have really enjoyed the connection with folks with a common interest from all over the world, it has been a lot of fun!

  8. Congratulations, and thanks for the excellent anniversary round-up. It was so nice to see all the projects together. Now it is time for me get caught up!

    I am particularly indebted to Paul and Joseph for pursuing this endeavor. This affordable program has encouraged me to pursue the rather complex discipline of woodworking with a working confidence that I never knew I could obtain.

  9. I don’t make many comments on here because all of the episodes and user comments are so well stated there isn’t much more I can add. But I will say this; I was drawn to Paul’s Youtube videos because his instruction style is clear, well thought out, straight to the point, and above all, extremely competent technically. I have watched PBS programs, magazine subscription sites, and DVDs for over a decade and I always had the impression that the video production staff had taken over and cast an actor to behave like an expert. Paul is the master craftsman fully in charge and speaking to his apprentices in a natural pedagogical way. When I noticed he had the master class website I immediately joined and cancelled my online subscriptions to a couple of woodworking magazines. I have never regretted that decision, not for one second.

    Please don’t be offended by this but the Artisan Media DVDs will show you how you can take someone like Paul and destroy his effectiveness with videographers getting in the way. (I felt that Paul was lost in an installment of “Battlefield Britain” when I watched those.)

    So congratulations on your success but now that you have that success please don’t let anyone talk you into the false sophistications that distract. Just be yourself because you are terrific.


  10. UNBELIEVABLY Effective,
    Congrats. And thank you Paul for unselfishly providing your talents and knowledge in order to teach a craft to so many people at one time .
    Not everybody has good teaching skills but you undoubtably, have what it takes . I just recently found this site and lucky I was . I had been struggling with a project now for three years and I had lost all confidence in myself and really was going backwards. It was because I had no solid foundation on techniques. I wanted to dance with the Big Boys ,and Girls right from jump street and skip all the hard work that it takes to become a seasoned woodworker .
    And now I’m beginning to slowly turn that around because of this site.
    I wanted you to know just how effective you have been and Im sure that Im not only speaking for myself when I say this.
    By doing it this way theres no telling how many people you can reach and pass on what you have learned.
    That must make you feel good .
    Please try to keep this going but first of all and most Be Healthy . Thanks to all who help make this possible .

  11. I am immensely grateful for what Paul and everyone who works with him have done for me and for the art of woodworking. Paul is the epitome of what a teacher should be, and even though he and I have never met, in a way he has become like an old friend.

    Video production and site support are first rate, and the fact that this site continues to grow only testifies to the quality of material and the people involved in presenting it. I am sure there are many more elements to the entire process behind the scenes that we are not aware of, but this does not in any way reduce their importance nor my gratitude to the people involved.

    So, I say thank you to Paul, Joseph, Phil and all the others involved in this endeavor, congratulations on your first year, and looking forward to many more!


    1. Paul is the epitome of what a teacher should be, and even though he and I have never met, in a way he has become like an old friend.

      Absolutely with you @Chris

      Moreover, it is worth mentioning to, the interesting people around the world who I am meeting through this forum, makes this course so exciting also.


  12. Thanks Paul and others for this first year. Imagine making furniture with hand tools. And doing this while learning about the wood itself and how it works with your tools. And not just machining the wood as with New Yankee Workshop and others. My skills have increased greatly…

    Thanks once more and I’m looking forward to the future videos.

  13. I joined the masterclasses after attending the nine day course in Wales in April this year. The video’s have been a great way to expand on what I learned at the course and to carry on the great feeling of those nine days. Watching them is just like sitting around Paul’s bench in Penrhyn castle! I also find myself using the video’s as a resource for other projects, since the techniques shown can be applied in many different settings.
    Thanks to all of you for your great work and I’m really looking forward to the year to come!

  14. As a 60 something who has been an avid worker of wood for 35 years I am also an eager student of your great instruction and guidance.
    So much skill can be gained by the observation of your methods and techniques.
    I thank and am greatful for your tireless effort to show us how one can get the results that make one better in the craft. I look forward to more

  15. A “Congratulations” from me as well and have certainly enjoyed everything, and also looking forward to the future years. Thank You Paul, Joseph, Phil, and Resi and all others who have contributed to my favorite past time.

    I have really enjoyed the fact all has been done with Hand Tools and with this I hope to teach my ( 2 ) Grandkids how to properly become proficient using hand tools. Also showing that older vintage hand tools can be used with out having to lay out big $$$$$$ for the newer tools.

    Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and style of working wood, I am truly a big FAN.


  16. Well done on a fantastic concept. Clearly you have a very positive impact on many lives (mine is one) which as a wonderful achievement. Since following the masterclass I have a new workshop with my own hand made bench and I have made many useful projects. Today I helped my 8 year old grandson make a spoon which he will give to his parents for Christmas. This simply would not have happened if you had not started this wonderful project. Please keep it up and many thanks.



  17. I’m really pleased to be a part of WWMC, and incredibly grateful to Paul, Joseph, Phil and Resi, as well as all the members here who make it such a fantastic place to learn.

    It’s great to see how I and everyone else here are improving their results, and even better to see how the production guys have improved the videos over the last twelve months. Going back and watching the shooting board episode today, it’s amazing to see how much effort you’ve put into improving the quality of the videos (and the site as a whole) and how much more comfortable Paul is in front of the camera.

    Keep up the good work, everyone!


  18. Congratulations. Paul and Team
    This format really works no fancy gimmicks or camera tricks. The master showing apprentices in a plan and straight forward manner.
    I have enjoyed every project shown.
    Very excited for the future.



  19. While I haven’t had the time to work on any of the projects shown here, I would like to say how much I appreciate to effort of all involved in the making of the videos for WWMC.

    I joined another online class at the same time as joining here and I cancelled it after a month. Without a doubt, this has been the best value for the money and without equal.

  20. I have not always agreed with you on some techniques. Having said this, I have learnt a lot from you and your videos. I am very glad this effort is doing well for you, as you are keeping alive the tradition of working with hand tools. Congratulations on your success and hoping for many more years.

  21. When I first met your internet classes and other useful resources it was like I had found a gold mine. So much better, uncomplicated and direct than anything else I had seen before. Not to mention that motivation and passion exudes from Paul’s demonstrations. So much so that I was drawn to be in one of his presential courses, having travelled from very far away. Always consistent and precisely to the point, that’s Paul Sellers. Congratulations to you and to your excellent team. Hope to have you there for many years to come. Good, real woodworking deserves that.
    Best wishes,

  22. Wow!! The last 12months have flown by, not many days go by when I do not log on to the site to view with interest Paul’s videos / Blogs or just to read the posts that other members have submitted. I have followed every one of the Paul projects and with exception of table and tool chest had a go at making the others.
    I am grateful to Paul Joseph and the rest of the team for starting and maintaining what must be the best hand woodworking site there is and hope that it continues for very long time.

    Congratulations guys Thanks

  23. Happy anniversary Paul, team and members)) This year gone so fast but I learned so much. Thank you for changing my life. Special thank you for all members of this site for posting your projects,posting video and being kind to each other and for the cheering for every aspects. Thank you.
    Happy Birthday))

  24. I would just like to echo everyone else here in saying congratulations on the first year and a big thankyou for what you and your team are doing. Excellent stuff and looking forward to year two.

  25. Thank you, Paul and the team, been a big fan since the first time I saw you all at your first European woodworking show, over in essex. I along with many others appreciate your generous sharing of your knowledge. I hope this is the first of many years success.

  26. Congratulations. I am so incredibly lucky. I found this class and decided to give it a try. What an incredible gift you have given me. The whole aspect of the classes are professional yet still warm and comfortable to watch. I have been able to see with my own eyes and hands the improvement in my efforts. Thank you.

  27. Congratulations to Paul and the rest of the team. I think what you are doing is extraordinary and I look forward to to growing in confidence and competence with you over the years ahead.

    Thank you and best wishes,


  28. Congrats! Haven’t been online much this past summer but I’ve been popping in occasionally to keep track of the latest projects. Once our annual glacier arrives here in Canada I’ll be back in the shop!


  29. Congratulations!!!! It’s been a really wonderful year learning and getting inspiration from Paul, their staff and also the online community who participate. You all people make this possible!!! Thank you all


  30. I live in a 1 bed apartment with my wife and son (aged 1). While we are tight for space I’ve managed to build in shelves to hold my tools and I love nothing more than sitting down and watching the latest installment of your teaching. One day I’ll have a house and a shed, giving me more room and I can’t wait to teach my boy (if he’s interested of course).

    It’s no surprise that as I read every comment on this page that they were all positive, the knowledge being passed on blows me away. There is nothing more liberating that understanding and learning from the natural material we are working with and you just can’t get that from power tools I’m afraid.

    Paul, in my books, you’re a legend.

  31. What can I say more than what has already been said. This is just a great place to be in and learn from. In the short time I’ve been coming here, I have sensed it to be a great education offered with care and warmth. I think WWMCs are valuable to those of us who wish to launch second careers or start a business. I plan to work as much as I can on the projects covered thus far to hopefully at some point be in phase with the group that began last year.

    Paul and the team: Thank you for putting the love and teaching of the craft first and foremost. It is much appreciated.

  32. I’ve been watching woodworking videos online for many months and it wasn’t until I found Paul’s instruction that I quit watching video after video and started working wood. He made it all accessible to me.

  33. I came here hoping to buy access to a collection of videos, but instead I’m met with a subscription that sucks. $15/month is quite high for a nonessential utility. Over a 12 month period, the same amount would give you at least a dozen magazine and online subscriptions. Why boy charge a $45 watch only yearly subscription and another tier for those who want to download videos? This is way too expensive and I am horribly disappointed. The problem with web content is that it’s either free or way too expensive.

    1. @joebeazelman

      Having a watch or download tiered subscription makes no sense to me, it’s so easy to download content that is set up as watch only it’s almost comical. Yes, for some the subscription may be a bit steep but as you stated, it’s ‘nonessential’. Personally I’d rather drink 1 less coffee per day. That covers the cost of subscription and leaves a few $$ to add to my tool fund. I guess it really comes down to what you want to prioritize monetarily in your life.

      And don’t forget, Paul has been contributing free material for all to enjoy, see youtube link below.

      1. Yes. That’s how I got here. $15 per month is excessive. Over a period of a year, it’s $180. That’s more than any magazine subscription. In fact, it’s more than several high quality publications which also have video training content included. I’m not looking for free, but reasonable priced content that doesn’t cost as much as my internet connection. Bare in mind that many people like watching Paul because they are entertained by watching the process and others are merely hobbyists who don’t mind paying provided the cost is reasonable.

        I guess I’m just an American and we know how to price and sell. We don’t charge customers for packets of ketchup as they do across the pond. Perhaps it’s why we dominate the business world.

        1. Hey Joe,

          “Bear” this in mind. You’ve been on board for less than two days so just maybe have not see the value. Secondly, leave the “I’m just an American” on the sidelines. There are probably more “Americans” as registered members than from any other location. Thirdly, you are paying for those ketchup packets in the price of your Kids’ Meal.” And finally, your opinion on the cost of Paul’s teachings is noted, but I for one, find the value a multiple of the cost. I don’t expect something for nothing, not even packets of ketchup.


        2. I am an American, and I feel that it is a very good value for the money. I get a lot of teaching that I enjoy watching, and I am in communion with a great bunch of folks from all over the world. I have dropped about 5 magazine subscriptions this past year that we full of ads and repeat projects from previous years. I am tired of watching TV shows that demonstrate what the guy can make but don’t really teach you anything other than how to spend your money on expensive power tools.

          I have enjoyed this past year learning from Paul, and sharing with this worldwide community. It the subscription rate was doubled, I would still pay without hesitation.

        3. Hi Joe,

          I am sorry to hear that you don’t think that the site is worth the subscription fee. I don’t delete comments just because they are not positive so your comments will stay here along with all the others. I am however very happy to find that you are in the minority.

          All that said we don’t allow controversial topics are not woodworking related. I really don’t mind you criticising our pricing structure but I find your closing three sentences to be insulting and derogatory.

          Please stay on the site and enjoy the good company, great conversation and hours of free video footage but you must stop posting such broad and insulting comments.

        4. the cheapests woodworking magazines here in Ireland retail from €6 to €9 there are 4 or 5 to chose from and in all my time buying them i have yet to see any project made from start to finish without some element of power tool .i came across paul sellers on you tube making a bench in a backyard out of pine with nothing else only hand tools and taught he was mad . what about the guys that dont have bandsaws table saws thickness planers router tables i joined woodworking master classes for less than the price of a pint a week. this is a very unique site and the projects i am turning out even has the wife impressed “that teacher on the computer must be very good” she said. but the real beauty of it is the only power i need is to turn on the light switch .

        5. Joe, obviously you’re more than entitled to your opinion and I suspect you will be free to cancel at any moment. However, I don’t know why you feel the need to hurl an insult. Bad form. Why not just say you tried it and it’s not for you.

          For my money, this is the single most amazing woodworking resource around. Paul is not showing us the thrills and value of what he can do. He is showing us, step by step, what WE can do. This kind of instruction would take years and un-imagined funds to acquire in a more conventional setting.

          And then, there’s this rich community, which has recently welcomed me to the group, without hesitation. And I’m American and a GIRL!

          So 2 things, either just walk away, or pick up your tools, turn on a project video and just see if the magic of making something with new knowledge and skills won’t change your mind.

        6. I’m also an American, and feel embarrassed to have any association with Mr. Beazelman (as in, we’re both American). I hope everyone considers him an aberration, and don’t give too much thought to his opinions.

          Paul and his teachings has transformed my approach to woodworking. Although I still love my power tools, I’m no longer limited by what they can do.

          $15 a month for the quality and quantity of video instruction that we get here is a fantastic deal.

        7. I am on a very tight budget here. I cancelled my Adobe Photoshop subscription to be able to purchase this one. The reason I did is that this I perceive as a rare and precious opportunity to learn from one of the masters of woodworking and support his efforts to improve life for all who desire to learn a valuable craft. Additionally, I am scraping together funds to purchase starting tools so I can participate as I watch. 15 dollars is really a small thing, especially when you consider what many spend on nonessentials like cigarettes, coffee, and other addictive substances. Besides, as many others have mentioned, you can always remain in the non-member status and get lots of valuable teaching for free. In closing, be positive, Joe. Life is too short to waste being angry. Pass on happiness instead.

    2. @joebeazelman,
      Originally I thought the price was steep too. But now I compare the price to going to Paul’s school. I would actually prefer to pay more and learn right from Paul. But I don’t have the time or money; so this is a good compromise for me.

  34. As a starting woodworker I came across Paul Sellers by chance in the youtube jungle. What an incredible find! Mr. Sellers conveys timeless knowledge from Master to Apprentice through modern technology, and in ways already eloquently applauded in this thread. I immediately became a paying member and have started my education on a much better footing than would otherwise have been possible without the outstanding effort and work of Paul and his team.

    Congratulations on your first year and thank you for a fantastic site. I look forward to what is to come.

  35. I appreciate and concur with all of you who took issue with Mr. Beazleman’s negative and un-neccesary comments. I would suggest he stick to magazines where he can view 50 pages of advertisements and three pages of use-able content.

    Let’s close the wagons and move on. Lot’s to do and learn for those with enquiring minds.

    Joe B.

  36. Hi everybody and Mr. Joe Beazelman,
    I’ve been a member of this project from the very first day, no regrets. I don’t post a lot these days, but I want to thank everybody for the great projects you build and share, for great videos. Also, Thank You all for being kind to each other and not posting insulting posts.
    Mr. Joe Beazelman, it’s not just a site with the subscription as you may think, and it’s not just a membership, it is much more. Tell me please what kind of magazine you can receive support and cheering from? Here you will never hear that you can finish a project using only top of the line tools. Here you will learn how to be happy with small things. I’m just trying to understand your message about price.. Was the whole idea of your post price negotiation or your disappointment with the lack of new information? I really I don’t understand. But I understand words of respect, friendship, support, and being happy with small things. Please stay with us and learn these small things, even if you don’t want to be a paying member. Please stay.
    Once again, thank you Paul, Joseph, the entire team and Woodworking Masterclass community for the great year, great projects, inspiration and support you give me..

    With respect from all my heart,

  37. I have been a keen woodworker since leaving school in the early 1960’s where i was taught real woodworking skills – unlike the watered down craft, Design and Technology taught in UK secondary schools today.
    As a young married man I used these skills to design and build wall units and the like using mainly chipboard or plywood.
    As I grew older and and moved up the property ladder i invested money in power tools to speed up my creative output. However, since subscribing to WWMC I have changed my stance on power tools and have begun to use hand tools wherever possible. For example, in the past I bought an expensive machine to sharpen my plane blades and chisels and knives.
    However, after watching Paul’s use of diamond stones I have have been converted to the speed and simplicity of hand- sharpening. I can now produce a razor edge on chisel or plane in under 2 minutes and the freedom of knowing that this can be done by hand whenever required has revolutionised the way I work. A big thankyou to Paul and the team who made this 67-year old woodworker see sense at last.
    I gave never regretted the subscription and always look forward to wednesdays with great anticipation.


  38. It has been fantastic and I have never regretted the subscription. The feedback from you guys directly is phenomenal and the forums provide a great place to consult a wide breadth of experiences. Way to go!

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