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  1. Paul, Joseph, and family,
    From what I understand of it, this change (affecting a “small number” of business dealing with digital content) is one of the most poorly researched changes the EU has declared. Yet, that’s a stretch. The EU does a lot of really really stupid things.

    My condolences that your small family business gets swept up and punished by imbecilic bureaucrats.

    Yet, many KUDOs to you for trying to absorb the pain and do well for your customers.

    May the New Year turn out better for you in spite of governmental idiocy. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Bob,

      Yeah, this is a galling rule that is particularly difficult for small businesses to cope with. It should give us all cause for concern that I am unsure whether I would have been able to navigate these changes two years ago when setting up this business.

      This hits the smallest businesses the hardest and yet huge multinationals have small armies of accountants, solicitors and developers on hand to make the transition easier.

      However, I don’t want anybody to be too concerned. We will manage this and we will continue to make this site as accessible as possible.



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