Surveys Incoming

Workbench by Arthur Coates

One of the great things about woodworking is that people from all over the world, in a whole range of circumstances (see the featured gallery images from WWMC members), can make such a large variety of projects, suited to a specific purpose and with lasting value. While we hope that the projects and videos we produce help you all to do this, we want to make sure we are serving the community as effectively as possible.

Workbench by Misha

In order to do this, we will be running a few surveys over the next few months to get feedback on a number of topics. You may well be asked about your access to workspace, equipment, tools and materials as well as the kind of projects that you are interested in, so that we can tailor our content to what people have available.

Workbench by Matthew Chapman

All surveys are optional and (hopefully) easy to opt of, so there is certainly no pressure to fill them in. But if you feel like you can contribute your experience and opinions, that would be greatly appreciated. They should provide great insight into what woodworking looks like across the community. We will use this to direct our plan for the future of Woodworking Masterclasses to cover areas that many subscribers will find engaging and relevant.

Workbench by manuel42

14 comments on “Surveys Incoming

  1. I’m humbled that my first large woodworking project ever is featured on this page. I had just resurfaced the top yesterday and adjusted the wedges today before finding the survey. More than glad to contribute in the future!

  2. My shop is located in slightly more than one half of our two car garage.
    Over the years it has morphed from less then half, and always shared
    the space with our dogs year round. Were it not for stationary power
    tools, I could manage with far less. My bench has evolved from a Frank
    Klaus old style German bench base, that now includes a Lie-Neilsen
    benchtop with shoulder and tail vises. A future bench might include
    Paul’s design for another space.

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