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  1. Hey team. Thank you guys for what you do to bring Pauls vision of sharing this slowed down approach to finer woodworking to people, who for whatever reason, wouldn’t find the time or inclination to go about it in more traditional schools.

  2. Hi team good to meet you. Could I just feed back the recent addition of the pop ups on the home screen are really annoying after you’ve answered the same question multiple times.


    1. Hi Angus,
      Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience. They are supposed to disappear once filled in or clicked on, but that isn’t working at the moment. We are working on getting it resolved. Pressing the x on the box should remove it and never see it return, but we to get it working properly for the next survey.
      Best, Phil

  3. Hi behind the scenes team. You are doing a great job, working in the computer industry for the past 35 years I know it is not easy to make it all happen. You also never get enough pats on the back for all you do. I know you all work very hard to make Paul look good and to bring us great content. Well from my end I think you are ALL doing a great job. Thank you all for all you do to make my woodworking experience enjoy able and the want to keep coming back. Just know that we all do appreciate it..

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