Coasters are maranti and poplar, base is oak with maranti supports

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  1. Dear Paul,
    I have been following your teaching for nearly two years now and have never been able to upload any of my finished project to your photo gallery. Is there special way to upload the photos to your website or I am doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Tammar,
      I have the same issue when using an iPhone as a camera. I found that using an app (jpeg to png) to convert the photo file from jpeg to png works. It’s a pain, but does work. For some reason, the gallery submission does not recognize jpeg (only jpg and png).

        1. Hi Peter,
          I think that is what that app does. I am not aware of a way of directly modifying the extension without first transferring the photo to a computer. I generally just work off an iPad/iphone and not a computer.
          In any case, coincidentally shortly after this posting, My recent submissions have gone through successfully without having to change the extension.

          1. Oh. And I also tried to change the file extension after uploading to the site…that didn’t work for me either and still got rejected. The. App I believe edited the metadata of the file- not just the file name. But like I said, the submission site seems to work fine for me now…

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