Taking Stock and Moving In, 9th May 2018

So….. we’re finally in!

We have just finished filming the Blanket Chest series, which was our last project to finish in the temporary space at the new building. It’s been quite a journey, from filming in the New Legacy Woodworking workshop at Penrhyn Castle, to the unit and temporary garage set at the Sylva Wood Centre, a few months squeezed into the office here at our new unit, to finally moving into our wonderful new studio and garage set.

Our temporary work space

Thank you all for bearing with us as we worked in suboptimal conditions. We’re excited to get situated and start filming the next series and set of videos. It will still be a work in progress as we tweak the settings and lighting in our new space, but we’re confident that you will see a increase in quality of content as well as production quality as we get established here.

Our next series will be a basic wall shelf, in the style of one that Paul made when he was at school. It’s one of the first pieces he ever made and is a great inaugural project.

We have been releasing the series on How to Make a Table to access for free. It’s a project Paul has been teaching for years, and these techniques and methods can be applied to the construction of any number of styles and sizes of table, from an end table to a dining table.

Paul came up with a new technique for sharpening the cabinet scraper to ensure consistent results. We have been a little short of new tool and technique videos this month, but there should be plenty more on the way soon.

Paul will be posting about the process of fitting out his new creative workspace, so keep an eye on social media and his YouTube channel for more on that. We will be filming extras for the workbench too, now that it is in pride of place in the garage.

Many thanks from the whole team,Phil, Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses

Phil Adams

Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses


  1. rotaryw on 9 May 2018 at 3:44 pm

    It has been an exciting journey for me too. I support whatever you do, since you are great at providing whatever content you provide at any pace. Keep going guys, you are doing great…

  2. SharpPencil on 9 May 2018 at 5:57 pm

    I’m looking forward to all that you do Paul….thank you.
    “A wall shelf” I’m about to make a shelf to take some bits and pieces as I reorganise my garage ( in itself a constant project )
    I’ve been thinking ” I’m going to make it, not just odds and ends but a tasty piece to show my expertise -:) -:). Then you pop up with your design….I’ll wait for you.
    Ref your blanket chest I watched a tv programme recently showing Tutankhamon burial chamber, as first seen by Howard Carter. AGAINST THE BACK WALL WAS A BLANKET CHEST IDENTICAL TO PAULS,!!
    Now that would definitely been made with hand tools

  3. Noel Rodrigue on 11 May 2018 at 3:24 pm

    I’ve had a look at the ‘make a table’ series, I couldn’t really detect that you were in severe suboptimal conditions. Good quality lighting, the video (choice of camera and view plan) was excellent as usual. I think your threading on your own toes in this article! BUT … I can’t wait to see what an optimal environment will bring and look like.

    Thank you for your constant production of high quality materiel. Enjoyable at all times.


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