Taking Stock, 13th July 2018

We’re getting settled in…

Things are getting more stable here at Rokesmith HQ. But don’t worry, we haven’t been resting on our laurels.

In the studio, we continue to work on the lighting and acoustic properties of our new set, working to improve visibility for both Paul and you, our viewers, and produce clearer audio. We have filmed a number of series and helpful videos in this new space, so you should see and hear the changes taking place.

For our premium content, Paul remade his first ever woodworking project, a simple yet modern-looking wall shelf featuring stopped housing dados, plugged screws, homemade hardware and shaped and rounded sides.

He also came up with a new design of a sofa server which can be used as a stool, table, or as a surface for your laptop, notebook or to eat from. It’s got dovetails and a combined stopped housing dado with through tenons which we've not done before.

Coming next, we have an elegant design for a bathroom cabinet with a mirror, which could equally well be made as a display cabinet with glass or somewhere to keep your tools in a garage. Get your plough planes and rebate planes ready for this one.

For our free content, Paul made some trestles that are great around the workshop or at home and can be made with a few basic materials and tools, without the use of a workbench.

We have just started releasing a series of add-ons for your workbench that can be used to customise it to your specific purposes. In the first instalment, Paul shows how to make some saw hangers that keep your key saws at hand while making sure that they can’t fall off when not in use in the day to day of woodworking.


There will be other videos released here and there as we get back to our usual filming and production schedule, as well as further workbench customisations alongside our premium projects, so look out for those.

Many thanks from the whole team,Phil, Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses

Phil Adams

Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses

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