Oak Hobby Horse with walnut inlay bridle and macrame mayne and tail

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  1. The screen door was a very pleasant surprise. The rest were good , but he worked outside the box. I build things and give them away to neighbors, but am expanding my wood skills thanks to your efforts, which I find are just about right. Not too talky, but very informative. Next is a basement project for a neighbor with sump system, lights, shelving and a false window for ambience. The guy has very rudimentary skills, but seems eager to learn. He will have the project for bragging rights and as a gaming studio for his wife.

    1. Thanks Kurt. I didn’t develop plans myself for this build, but based it on a design by Bear Kat…

      If you look at those plans you’ll see that my finished vise evolved quite a bit from the original. And yes, it clamps like a champ and I improved the holding capability by adding suede to the jaws.

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