Taking Stock, 20th September 2018

With the Bathroom Cabinet rounded out with a turned handle, and plenty of workbench customisations under out belt, who’s ready for a whole new batch of videos?

For the premium projects, we’re well into the Eco Bin project, which is coming along nicely with the frames coming together.

After the Eco Bin is complete and ready for many uses, Paul will get going on with the next project, which is a clothes airer with some interesting joinery. Have a look at Paul’s blog for some more of Paul’s thought process as he prototyped this project. He’s also been blogging about his experience as an apprentice. Definitely worth a read.


Following on from recent free videos on the square awl and plough plane, Paul will be introducing a tenoned mitre joint as well as using a lathe to turn a cabinet handle.

Alongside more videos on making the Workbench Drawer, there is also another small free project on it’s way. Keep your eye on our social media to hear more soon. Also keep an eye on Paul’s YouTube channel as we’ve been getting set up for vlogs and livestreams.


Many thanks from the whole team,

Phil Adams

Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses

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