Sellers Home: A Visual Guide to Paul’s Progress!

It has been over a year since Paul started work on the Sellers Home Rocking Chair project, the inaugural step towards filling an entire house with handmade furniture. Paul and the team have certainly put in a lot of work since then, so it seems like as good a time as any to look back on the progress they’ve made!

Laying the Path: Preparations for Coming Home

Bringing Sellers Home to fruition has been a long term aim for Paul, Joseph and the team. It has been a long road, involving working out a plan for a garage-size workshop, buying a house, knocking down a fair few of the walls in that house and updating the interior to provide the perfect canvas for Paul’s work. All of this was carried out with the aim of bringing you a definitive collection of Paul’s distinctive work, covering everything one would need to furnish a home from top to bottom. Seeing years of planning come together over the past months has been truly fantastic. Here are a few moments captured on camera as we gradually put everything in place.

September 2017: A timber-frame construction built by Paul and the team, the prototype garage set was designed to typify the space available to the larger contingent of Paul’s followers.

April 2018: Paul enjoys the newly completed garage studio, which eliminates many, many production issues and allows the team to focus on woodworking without distraction! Paul would soon fill it with all the necessities and niceties with which we are all so familiar today.

June 2019: This is the rather weary living room. The carpet hides secret parquet flooring! This would be the setting for Paul’s first round of projects for Sellers Home and was part of the first wave of improvement works to be carried out, but that was still a little way off.

February 2020: Inside the house, reviewing the plans to renovate the property, Paul and Joseph envision an ideal space that will be the perfect setting for Paul’s work.

July 2021: The improvement works were somewhat drastic. Here we see the ground floor in its temporary state. The finished dining-kitchen area would be spacious, but not quite this open plan.

November 2021: By the end of 2021, the living room has been fully renovated. What’s more, Paul had made seven projects over the past year to fill the room! Let’s take a closer look at them!

Living Room: A Year Full of Furniture

While renovations were still underway in the rest of the building, Paul began work on the living room. He would complete seven projects in all, starting with the Rocking Chair in the latter part of 2020.

Next, Paul worked on the coffee table; taking it from sketch to prototype to the final piece, brought home to the living room.

Next up, Paul created the Bookshelf.

Following the Bookshelf, Paul turned his attention to the TV Unit.

After the Bookshelf, it’s time to protect our tables with a Coaster Set.

And then, halfway up the wall, it’s the Mantle Shelf!

Lastly for the living room, Paul created a highly adaptable design for his End Tables.

That’s it for the Living Room, but Paul still has plenty of work ahead of him. He is currently two projects in to the Dining Room, having completed the Dining Table and accompanying Chairs.

Thank you to my amazing colleagues who took these photos: Will, Katrina, Izzy and Ellie!


  1. Johnny on 24 June 2022 at 3:24 pm

    Thanks for the posting.
    Just amazing. Congrats on job well done all around!

  2. rogerstrafton on 25 June 2022 at 8:06 pm

    This has been a pure joy to watch. Thank you for capturing and recounting all that the past few years have encompassed. This has been the diving board with which I’ll be jumping headlong into woodworking with and I’m so grateful for all that the team here and Paul do. Thank you.

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