1. I am very pleasantly surprised at the end result Paul. Watching the prototypes I felt the chair design was more akin to an outdoor setting. But after seeing the end result they are beautiful and I could imagine a lounge, dinning room full of this lighter brighter style of furniture. The finished complete set look great.
    And as usual another gem of a joint to put in the knowledge bank.

          1. Katrina, can you give us an estimate of when you anticipate the drawings to be done? The same question also applies for the other projects for which there are no drawings. Somehow it seems that there is a problem within your organization. Waiting for six months
            for the drawings is inexcusable. Of course, Paul is doing a great job as usual.

  2. It has been five months since the intro of the project and no drawings are in site. Katrina above mentions on the 15 of July they are coming soon! One month and a half later many of us are still waiting. How soon is soon?

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