Christmas Project Ideas for 2017

It’s December and Christmas suddenly feels surprisingly close! Perhaps there are a few people you want to spoil this year with a handmade gift. This is a follow up to last year’s post on recommended projects to make from Woodworking Masterclasses:

Let’s have a look at a few of this year’s projects that could make wonderful Christmas gifts:

This highly defined and refined keepsake box features curved sides with stepped and angled dovetails and floating panels. It would make a beautiful gift and can be scaled and customised for a variety of uses.

These dovetailed bookends have great project features. They combine various optional extras that really make it stand out. The end result is a stunning pair of bookends to enhance any bookshelf.







How about making someone a useful tool for use around the shop? This straightedge is used for referencing against and accurately laying out larger stock. Paul shows how to make a straightedge like the one he first made over 50 years ago.

Perhaps you want to make something a little larger that will be both useful and a treasured piece? This chest of drawers includes features surrounding the joinery that allow for the contraction and expansion of the wood, yet the same joinery ensures longevity in a piece designed to last through centuries of use.


Maybe not a traditional Christmas gift, but the fly swat is a very handy thing to have around. Paul shows his design for an elegant fly swat that is simple to make.


Hopefully that has stirred up your imagination and enthusiasm with some ideas of what you you want to make over this festive period. Happy Woodworking!


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