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No Drawing

The Bandsaw

Paul introduces the bandsaw as an extra device to free up time and energy to focus on hand tool woodworking.  He goes over the uses of a bandsaw and the features that he looks for when acquiring one.

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Fly Swat: Info Page

A fly swat is a very handy thing to have around, but you don’t have to have an ugly, cheap piece of plastic around the house. Paul shows his design for an elegant fly swat that is simple to make.

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Picture Frames: Project Info

Picture frame project

Learn what it takes to make picture frame by hand that have crisp mitres and splined corners. Paul shows how to make everything from a basic frame to a stacked frame using a number of different techniques.

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Making a Wooden Plane

In this introduction, Paul shows a few of the types of plane that you can make by following this series, and walks you through a few ways of getting your stock prepared.

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